The Divine Mind Experience

A 2-Day Black Centered, Indigenous Inclusive

Bespoke Wellness Retreat

April 12-14, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia


Welcome, dear soul, to The Divine Mind Experience - a transformative 2-day journey of self-discovery and inner exploration that will leave you feeling renewed, refreshed, and transformed. This is not just another retreat. We invite you to join us on a mystical and replenishing journey, where you will unlock the true potential within yourself and discover new perspectives and understandings of yourself and the world around you and connect with a like-minded community in a luxurious, safe, and supportive environment.

The Experience

Why should you join this unforgettable experience that will change your life forever?

By joining you may experience:

Awakening of Creativity & Imagination

Deepened Spiritual Path

Cleared Depression

Reset of the Nervous System

Transformation of Anxiety

Connection With Community

Nurturing Your Inner Wisdom

Liberation of Your Life

Our black empowered and LGBTQ+ informed retreat center creates a non-judgmental and anti-stigma environment where you can be yourself, and our trained coaches and facilitators will be there to guide you every step of the way. Our beautiful retreat space features a curated set and setting, group activities and communication, meals are included, as well as, on-site integration, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.



The Vibe

Let the Symphony of Soul-Touching Sounds Elevate Your Experience to the Divine!

Has the noise of life drowned out the delicate whispers of your soul? Does the clamor of the external world make it hard for you to tune into your own rhythm? This is where our Intuitively Curated Soundscape comes in, like a gentle breeze clearing away the fog, allowing your inner voice to shine through.

At The Divine Mind Experience, we understand that sound isn't just about hearing. It's about feeling. It's about resonance and the incredible power that sound has to touch the deepest parts of our being. The ancients knew this truth, and now science is catching up, with studies confirming the transformative potential of sound to heal, restore, and re-balance our body, mind, and spirit.

Every note, every chord, every rhythm in our intuitively curated soundscape is woven together with care and intention. Just as a master painter uses a palette of colors to create a stunning masterpiece, we have crafted a rich tapestry of sounds to transport you into new realms of self-discovery and personal evolution.

We embrace vulnerability as a superpower and use it to forge stronger connections with ourselves and the world. Our soundscape is a vessel for this exploration, a gentle yet powerful guide to the corners of your soul that hold your true power.

But just as Toni Morrison masterfully weaves together narratives that draw attention to the human experience, our soundscape tells a story — your story. It mirrors your journey of self-exploration, celebrates your courage to face your shadows, and amplifies your moments of triumph as you unlock new levels of self-understanding.

This journey won't just change your perspective, it'll transform your world. It will unearth the stories you've buried deep down, the stories that are yearning to be set free. With each beat and resonance, you will step deeper into your authentic self, awakening to the profound wisdom you carry within.

With the Divine Mind Experience's Intuitively Curated Soundscape, you're not just hearing a composition — you're meeting yourself in the symphony of existence. This is your opportunity to drown out the discord and tune into the symphony of your soul.


Anti-Shame / Anti-Stigma Environment: Our black empowered and LGBTQ+ informed retreat center creates an environment where you can be yourself, free of judgment and stigma. You will be part of a like-minded community, where awareness and vigilance are prioritized. Safety and Discretion are priority therefore this will be an NDA secured environment.

Expertly Guided Journeys

Our trained coaches and facilitators will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the psilocybin ceremony and the integration process. We prioritize your safety and security, and we ensure that you feel supported and nurtured throughout the journey.

Customizable Coupling


Reiki Adjustment/Alignment (Included)

Professional Cuddle Session

IV Therapy Treatment

Cosmic Counseling Session

Spiritual Hygiene Consultation

Art Therapy Session

Somatic Exploration Session

Designed to enhance your experience and provide additional support and healing.


2-Months Integration Coaching: Our integration coaching program will provide you with the support and guidance you need to integrate the newfound wisdom and self-awareness into your daily life. You will have the opportunity to deepen your spiritual path, awaken creativity, clear depression, reset your nervous system, transform anxiety, connect with community, nurture your inner wisdom, and liberate your life.

For your Consideration

Our Offer

  • 2 Night Stay (Friday - Sunday)

  • Lux Environment

  • NDA Secured by request

  • Plant Medicine Ceremony

  • Reiki Alignment Session

  • (1) Add-On of your choosing

  • 2 Months of Integration Coaching Post Ceremony

  • Any Additional Add-Ons are A La Cartè

  • Meals Included

The Breakdown


  • Black Empowered

  • LGBTQ+ Informed

  • Psychedelically Informed

  • Lux Environment

  • 2 Day Retreat

  • Curated Set & Setting


  • Like-Minded Community

  • Anti-Shame / Anti-Stigma

  • Awareness and Vigilence

  • Safety & Security Prioritized

  • Trained Coaches and Facilitators

  • Beautiful Retreat Space

  • Meals Included

  • Group Activities and Communication

  • 2 Months of Integration Coaching

  • Non-Biased/Judgement Free Comfort

  • Black Empowered and Centered

  • Curated Set + Setting


  • Awaken Creativity

  • Deepen Spiritual Path

  • Clear Depression

  • Reset Nervous System

  • Transform Anxiety

  • Connect With Community

  • Nurture Your Inner Wisdom

  • Liberate Your Life

Your Curator

Xir Oya

Lead Facilitator & Coach

Psychedelically-Informed Integration Coach and Certified Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists Since 2019. They have an extensive background in Alternative Healing, Alternative Lifestyle and as such, a thorough background in Harm Reduction


Washington, DC





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